EVOCorse - about us

Our story begins in 2002, when Luca Meneghetti and Fabrizio Facini, two engineers with a strong passion for racing cars, founded Seido Design Engineering. After two years of activity dedicated to design wheels for the most important manufacturers, the Company decides to create its own brand of alloy wheels.

EVOCorse made its debut in 2004 with the SanremoCorse 15″ model in the rally championship in South Africa and, from then on, it saw itself as protagonist of increasingly prestigious competitions. Since 2012 our DakarCorse off-road wheel is the most used in the Dakar rally.

Currently, we are partners with small and big teams around the world, including Hyundai Motorsport, M-Sport and Toyota Gazoo Racing, and official suppliers of national and international competitions, including the Alpine Europe Cup.

Taking advantage of the know-how gained in over 20 years of experience in motorsport and using the most advanced technologies available, we pay particular attention to the research and development of new products: from the expansion of the range of alloy wheels to the production of ultra-fast hydraulic jacks and insulating plates for brakes.

Our Team

Luca Meneghetti


Fabrizio Facini

R&D Director

Michele Favretto

Warehouse Manager

Stefano Dal Zotto - Production

Stefano Dal Zotto

Production Manager

Daniela Sannino - Sales Office Manager

Daniela Sannino


Matteo Bergamin - Export Manager

Matteo Bergamin

Export Manager

Ketty Ruberto - Graphic Design

Ketty Ruberto

Graphic Designer

Isabelle Rosato - Marketing and Comunication

Isabelle Rosato

Marketing & Communication

Sonia Munaro - Accountancy

Sonia Munaro


Lisa Zanetti - Logistic and Sales

Lisa Zanetti

Purchasing & Logistics

Nidhal Nammouchi - Warehouse and Q.C.

Nidhal Nammouchi


Eros Petretic - Production

Eros Petretic