Two new models of hub cap, specifically designed for the Dakar line, are available: they improve the elegance of the wheel for road use, without losing the sporty and technical image that distinguishes all our products.

This cap is made of high resistance technopolymer and is dedicated only to Toyota application with PCD 150×5, so mainly to LandCruiser 200 series, as well as to 100 and 70 series; in the latter two cases it could fit only the rear wheels, because the front hub of these versions may be too big. The cap is clipped on the wheels with predisposition. However, it is possible to install it on wheels for the same application, by ordering a separate “retrofit” kit, which allows you to make threaded holes on the wheel and fix real screws in place of the aesthetic screws that are present in the normal cap.

Instead, this model is made of aluminum alloy and completely CNC machined. The finish is an elegant black anodization on which you can apply the usual 70 mm badges. This model is mainly dedicated to the Dakar version for Sprinter. The attachment is made by a steel spring on the back, for the wheels that have the predisposition. However, it is possible to mount it on the wheels (for Sprinter) without predisposition, by means of three small screws provided, always fixing them from the back of the cover.