P-DEF (Pyroclast® Dynamic Energy Filter) by EVOCorse is the innovative solution for the set-up of the most powerful braking systems. 

Pyroclast® is a new and unique material born from years of research with the collaboration of great institutions; its use on braking systems is protected by an international patent. Thanks to the exceptional insulation properties and compression strength, these plates bring incredible benefits in the racing use of the braking system.

P-DEF plates are to be positioned between the brake lining and the caliper’s pistons, creating a barrier for the passage of the heat given off during the braking. In this way, vapor-lock problems, caused by the brake fluid as a consequence of intense use of the brakes, can be reduced.

Tested by the best rally drivers, P-DEF is a reliable and ready-to-race device, with its numerous variants of caliper, lining, and disc. The lightness of the material and the reduced thickness (1 mm) are not a problem for most of the most powerful systems, they bring instead evident benefits:

  • Substantial reduction of brakes’ temperature problems
  • Ease in reaching the correct temperature of the linings
  • Increase of braking performances
  • Light damping of vibrations

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