New rim sizes for X3MAZero 13

Widening the X3MA: New rim sizes for X3MAZero 13 As early announced, even in the last exhibitions, today we are glad to present you the final confirmation for the enrichment of the X3MAZero 13 line with the new sizes now available: This super-light wheel, dedicated mostly to single-seaters and historic cars of all types, confirms…

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New size available for Excalibur / Sport 18

A year of innovation: New size available for Excalibur / Sport 18 At the beginning of this 2020, we are working on many new projects, and, up today, we would like to introduce you to new size in the model known as Excalibur in the ARCASTING range and Sport18 in the EVO CORSE ones. Excalibur / Sport 9.5Jx18″ will be…

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The Suzuki Rally Cup Trophy is back

EVO Corse runs together with Engine Sport in the competition The Suzuki Rally Cup is about to return, the one-make trophy that allows young and experienced drivers to enter the rally world with a high-performance car with a contained running cost. Maintaining the successful formula of previous editions, this year the Suzuki Swift 1.0 Boosterjet R1 and…

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